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Grolier -. This service IS available at NO COST to all Happy Hollow families in their homes.

Go.grolier is an excellent site to help with schoolwork.

You will find 5 databases:
  1. Encyclopedia Americana, a high reading level general encyclopedia,
  2. Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, a general encyclopedia ideal for 4-6 graders.
  3. The New Book of Knowledge, a general encyclopedia with an easier reading level,
  4. Lands and People, a specialized encyclopedia of all the nations of the world.
  5. America the Beautiful, a specialized encyclopedia of the 50 states.
This is an excellent resource that is FREE to all students in their homes.

Grolier Online Remote Access

In order to use Grolier online you must be a student, parent of a student, or employee of the West Lafayette Community School Corporation. This is not available for the general public.  The user name is wlaf, and the password is home.

Inspire - This service IS available at NO COST to all Indiana residents. Passwords for Indiana residents are issued from the INSPIRE Website. After filling out a short form (name, email, address, phone number) you are given a temporary password. You will then receive an annual password in the mail. You must re-register on a yearly basis.

There is no cost to receive an INSPIRE password. INSPIRE is known as The Indiana Virtual Library. There are more than 5,000 business, health, science and general interest magazines in full-text, over 200,000 biographies; 25,000 encyclopedia records, 250 U.S. and international newspaper in full-text, 60 children’s magazines in full-text, thousands of pamphlets, 60 Spanish-language magazines in full-text, thousands of portraits and images, historical documents and almanacs, and links to other Indiana websites. 4th graders will be doing a leaf collection. INSPIRE has a wonderful identification site for Indiana trees!

K-12 TLC - This service IS available at NO COST to all Happy Hollow families in their homes. The user name is HH (must be upper case letters). There is no password. The K-12 Teaching and Learning Center is an Internet toolkit.

It organizes Internet public domain sites by subject. You may search by key word or by the index provided. It also has a fabulous Daily Almanac, which contains births, deaths, and significant events for each day. Each person and/or event is linked to more extensive information at that subject. Also, you may enjoy “Gnus for Kids,” 5 current event topics for each day, “Who Am I,” biographical searches for the person pictured, and “5-Minute Quests,” which are games testing research skills.

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